Is a LCD TV the right television for your entertainment center? There are endless debates about which type of flat screen television is best. In the end, a lot depends on your personal preferences. Take a look at some of the features of a liquid crystal display set and why its right for you.

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. It works different from traditional televisions and monitors in the way it creates it’s picture. Unlike plasma and cathode ray televisions, a LCD TV creates a picture by blocking light sent to individual pixels. Without getting too technical, this basically means you have a backlit screen that creates a clear picture without needing a reflective glass face.

The average liquid crystal display flat screen television has a 60,000 hour lifespan and comes in a variety of sizes. Like all flat-screens, they have a low profile and can be mounted on a wall much like a picture. Even a cheap TV these days contains all the inputs you’d need for various video game consoles, DVD players, and anything else you might wish to connect.

Advantages of a LCD Flat Screen

One of the biggest benefits of a LCD TV screen is it’s picture quality. A plasma display usually has a glass surface which can reflect light in the room and degrade the quality of the picture. A liquid crystal screen does not reflect light and usually weights less as well. Plasma also requires more electricity and are more susceptible to damage than a liquid crystal display.

The resolution of most LCD TV screens is sufficient to get the full quality out of the most up-to-date formats including HDTV. Liquid crystal display quality does not degrade over time as plasma screens do. The liquid crystal display screen is the perfect addition to anyone’s entertainment center.

Drawbacks of a Liquid Crystal Flat Screen

Since LCD TVs create their picture using light coming from behind, you will lose some of the depth in dark sections of a picture. The older style cathode ray tube televisions actually have better black display then a LCD TV. Additionally, plasma TVs can be built easier at a larger size. Viewing LCD TV displays at an angle is also problematic. This is because the light creating the picture is designed to be viewed straight on.

Finding the Perfect LCD TV

You have many options when seeking a flat screen TV brand. Most companies offer quality products and protect them with a warranty. A quick search for flat screen TV reviews will help you find the perfect LED TV for you. Expand your entertainment center with a new LCD TV today!

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