Many people think that the LED TV is a new kind of TV, but the truth is that it’s simply an upgrade. An LED TV is simply an LCD TV that uses light-emitting diodes in order to light up the screen. The ways that this can be done is to either line the edge of the display screen with the light-emitting diodes or position the LEDs along the back of the display.



There are three kinds of LED backlighting techniques: Edge-LEDs, RGB dynamic LEDs and full-array LEDs. Edge-LED backlighting makes for a very thin TV set. The light is spread evenly across the LED TV screen by way of a special panel. One noticeable downside to this kind of backlighting is that it’s not as consistent. When presenting a white image, the outer edges of the screen will appear much brighter. And with an all-black image, the edges of the screen look grayer. RGB backlighting allows for localized dimming on the screen with particular areas of darkness. This LED TV technique can show sharper colors at a much greater dynamic contrast ratio. Full array backlighting allows for lower levels of energy use, more brilliant brightness and contrast, improved color range, faster responses to scene shifts and more accurate image recreation.

When compared to CCFL-backlight LCD screens, LED TV screens produced images with greater dynamic contrast, have thinner screens, offer a more expansive array of colors, consume less power and are more reliable, but it’s worth mentioning that they are more expensive.

One of the drawbacks of an LED TV is that the quality of the the image worsens if you are positioned to the side or if the TV set is placed either too loo or too high in regards to your eye level. This is bad enough with LCD screens, and LED backlighting may actually make these conditions worse.

Be sure to take a look at flat screen TV reviews before shopping for a new flat screen TV. It might sound a bit odd, but it’s a good idea to tape together a cardboard panel that’s the same size of the LED TV that you’re thinking about buying. This will allow you to see just how much space the TV will dominate before you buy and decide you’ve either gone too small or too big. Shop around for the best price for a cheap TV and keep your eye on the calender for potential holiday sales.

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